Twin Scroll flanges for Subaru

Pittsburgh, PA – Moore Performance Parts has announced its latest product line – a collection of investment cast 304 stainless steel flanges and adapters for the Subaru market.

Currently available are cast flanges from the cylinder heads to the turbine outlet for EJ2x series engines wanting to run factory Subaru twin scroll turbos. Each flange is cast in high grade stainless, and is then machined flat for ultimate gasket sealing. A step is also machined in every attachment point, making lap welding tubes via MIG or TIG a snap. This step design also means that flanges won’t warp under the intense heat of the welding process.

Also in this lineup is Moore Performance’s proprietary Tru-Divorce™ twin scroll downpipe flange. The first and only flange of its kind, Tru-Divorce™ technology allows the full atmospheric dump from OEM Subaru twin scroll turbos, and aftermarket models sharing its architecture.

Rounding out The Moore Performance cast flange lineup is a T4 rotated adapter. This unique, high flowing piece turns an OEM style Subaru up-pipe into a rotated turbo setup for big power builds. The adapter’s innovative design utilizes a single wastegate while still retaining twin scroll’s advantageous pulsed exhaust scheme.


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