Headers / Up-pipes / Adaptors

Extensive research and development has enabled Moore Performance to develop two of the best headers on the market today. Both our Race and World headers feature equal length construction, and are set up to be run twin-scroll right out of the box. Both headers and all models of up-pipes feature 304-grade stainless steel mandrel bent tubing. No matter which piece you run, you’ll find precise TIG welding on every joint and fitment that can only come from proper fixturing.

Have you ever wanted to go with a rotated turbo on your stock-style JDM twin-scroll setup? Moore Performance has great news for you! Our Adapter is a finely-crafted exhaust piece that allows you to add a T3 or T4-based turbo to Your Moore Performance, OEM JDM, Tomei or other brand stock location up-pipe. Wastegate provisions are standard fare on Moore Adapters, and include options for such popular models as Tial MVS and MVR and the Turbosmart Compgate 40. All Adapters are made-to-order for each individual application ensuring the best fit and performance for your particular needs!

Key Features and Benefits: World Header
– Fully CAD-designed
– CNC-bent tubing to minimize weld points
– Formed, shallow-angle collectors for excellent flow
– Designed as a direct replacement for JDM Subaru twin-scroll manifolding
– 3/8” thick laser-cut flanges
– Can be used with USDM single-scroll turbos with our 2-1 up-pipe

Key Features and Benefits: Race header
– Fully CAD-designed
– SPD double-slip ultra-shallow race collectors
– Vari-stack design enable more equal tube lengths from scroll-to-scroll
– Available in multiple primary and secondary piping diameters
– 3/8” thick laser-cut flanges
– 321 stainless steel option available
– Designed for all-out race applications and for those seeking superior top-end flow

Key Features and Benefits: Up-pipes and Adapters
– Fully CAD-designed
– Available in stock JDM, Stock USDM, T3 and T4 rotated configurations
– 3/8” thick laser-cut flanges
– Mandrel bent tubing on all up-pipes for optimal flow
– External wastegate options available on all up-pipes
– Compatible with both Tial and Turbosmart wastagates
– T3 and T4 flange turbo options on Adapters