Our JDM Tru-Divorce downpipe is an industry-first! Utilizing a proprietary turbo flange and gasket, the Moore Performance downpipe completely separates the turbine wheel exhaust from the wastegate path. Separate pathways allow a complete open dump of the wastegate exhaust for increased power and turbine efficiency. This separate wastegate pathway can also be plumbed back into the exhaust stream for road-legal setups, or for those trying to keep noise levels to a minimum.

We also sell 3”, fully mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel downpipes for all of our turbo kits, not to mention the parts that started it all for Moore—the USDM-style divorced downpipe!

Key Features and Benefits: Up-pipes

  • 100% CAD-designed
  • CNC-bent tubing for minimal weld points
  • 1” CNC-milled JDM twin-scroll flanges for the Tru-Divorce Downpipe
  • 3/8” laser-cut 2-bolt flanges in full 3” diameter
  • Compatible with most USDM aftermarket exhaust systems
  • Stainless steel flex bellows on all re-plumbed wastegate tubing
  • High temperature ceramic exhaust coatings available