Finally! A cost-effective way of making your 5 speed Subaru transmission handle some serious power!

Moore Performance BlastPlates are heavy duty steel, precision welded and are finished with a layer of brilliant black powdercoat*. The package also includes high strength tubular spacers and grade 10.9 hardware.










BlastPlates are bolted through existing bolt locations that hold the two halves of the transmission together (the transmission will have to be either lowered or removed for the installation). By bolting these plates onto the outside around the gear set the stiffness of the case is increased, improving gear mesh tolerances under shock loading and high torque situations. These plates are made of very heavy gauge steel (plates are 3/16″ thick!), with steel being roughly 2.5 times stiffer than aluminum.

BlastPlates are a perfect upgrade for any 5 speed manual transmission, from stock horsepower levels to Stage 2 and Stage 3 levels. There is no hp or tq limit, however this product will allow ANY gearset to achieve maximum power (or much more) due to proper tooth engagement under extremely high load and torque. We’ve personally dyno tested BlastPlates to over 750 horsepower!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fully CAD-designed
  • Developed and tested using FEA analysis
  • Precision-welded construction
  • Custom class 10.9 hardware utilized for high case torque-up.
  • Heavy Duty black powdercoat for both looks and durability

*Custom powdercoating is available for an additional cost.

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