Moore Performance BlastPlates Break Into the 10s at the Drag Strip, Withstand Over 750whp on the Dyno!

It’s been a big couple of weeks for the Moore Performance BlastPlates! Subaru owners worldwide are discovering the BEST alternative to a six speed swap – and at a fraction of the cost!

751whp WRX at Excessive Autoports

At Excessive Autosports in Sioux Falls, SD in September this WRX laid down a staggering 751 wheel horsepower and 638 pound-feet of torque – all on a BONE STOCK 2009 Subaru 5 speed gearbox with the Moore Performance BlastPlates! The car has endured hours and hours of hard pulls on the dyno and hundreds of miles on the street with no issues whatsoever and the customer couldn’t be happier with the results!


AWD Tuning built 10 Second WRX

AWD Tuning built 10 Second WRX

In Texas there is yet another success story. . .  A modified WRX ran a 10.7 second quarter mile at 131mph on a stock Legacy GT 1-4 gearset with the Moore Performance BlastPlates installed! This particular customer had a goal – to break into the 10s with a factory Subaru gearbox. After loads of passes over many weekends he finally got what he was after, and even posted a 1.712 second 60′ time on all season tires! Results like that would please even the most competitive of Subaru drag racers!