#ForesterFriday – Customer Matthew Dieterich Shares His Story


Badlands National Park and the Milky Way and Aurora with my Forester XT

It’s #ForesterFriday, and we’d like to share the story of customer Matthew Dieterich’s Forester XT and his experiences across the country while shooting night sky photography at some of the country’s best parks and scenic locations in the country!

“I have had the pleasure of working with Moore Performance for over four years. I first met Ryan Moore in 2011 a few months after buying my first Subaru, which was a used 2007 Impreza 2.5i. I had Moore install a custom catback exhaust and was very happy with both the performance and sound gain. I enjoyed driving the I  mpreza and made a few camping trips to the mountains of West Virginia to take photos of the night sky. Although, I soon noticed the Impreza was too small to carry all my equipment for photographing the night sky and that I needed a slightly higher ride height for driving off-road. In the fall of 2012 I sold the Impreza and bought 2006 Forester XT with 43,000 miles on it.

The fact the Forester had a turbo and was able to carry a lot cargo more made the decision of selling the Impreza a lot easier.

I made numerous more night sky photography trips down to West Virginia with the Forester and was thrilled by how much equipment it could hold. A couple times I even slept in the back of the Forester thanks to the lay-flat seats! Initially the only modifications I made to the Forester were to install a SPT catback, KYB struts with Forester specific Swift springs, and a Cobb AccessPort. I eventually wanted to pull more power out of the Forester, so in January of 2014 I had Moore install a VF-39 (STi) turbo, STi intercooler, external wastegate, Perrin catless downpipe, 1000 CC injectors, GT-spec header and catless up-pipe, and a high capacity Walbro fuel pump. After having the Forester tuned by Innovative Tuning in Buffalo, NY the car was running at 300 wheel-HP at 19 psi (93 octane gas). I was blown away by the torque gain of the Forester, a huge difference in power that was safely tuned. The Forester was now a sleeping monster. Yet, little did I know that the biggest test of the Forester was just around the corner.

Glacier National Park and the Milky Way with my Forester XT

Glacier National Park and the Milky Way with my Forester XT

In May of 2015 I drove from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington State to work at Mount Rainier National Park, which was roughly 3,500 miles if I did not stop and sightsee. Not stopping to explore was out of the question! Along the way I stopped at Badlands, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks to take photos of the night sky. My Forester was the most full it ever was, considering I had to pack everything I needed for the summer including big cases of astronomy equipment! Thanks to the expert service my Forester received at Moore Performance not only did my car make it to Mt. Rainier safely, but it made the 4,000 mile journey back across the USA. I drove my Forester through insane rain downpours, 115 degree Mojave Desert heat, and over 11,000 ft peaks of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The Forester now has 114,000 miles on it, for those counting at home that’s an average of nearly 24,000 miles per year… double the national average for drivers of 12,000 miles. What’s next for my Forester? Well this weekend I will be tossing on another 1,000 miles to drive and visit my cousin near Nashville, TN. If you want a shop that will keep your car running for miles to come, look no further than the folks at Moore Performance.”


Monongahela National Forest

Matthew Dieterich’s night sky photos are available online and in print at www.mdieterichphoto.com.