About Us

Moore Performance & Race Parts was founded in 2009 by Ryan Moore, a racing enthusiast, from Pittsburgh, Pa. Ryan’s experience and expertise brings new designs, customization and better fitment to the Subaru exhaust market.

Ryan Moore, Owner

For years I’ve grown up around racing, car customization and classic/vintage auto restoration. The racing bug really hit me when I was just a kid at the drag races with my family, watching our classic Mopar muscle cars battle it out on the ¼ mile. As I grew older, the fascination with all types of auto racing began to set in and I would travel as much as possible to watch NHRA, Indy, and Formula 1 events.

After graduating college in 2002, and after many days and nights of research, I purchased my first turbo AWD car……my ‘02 Subaru WRX. No sooner did I purchase the car and the modifications began. The first upgrade was a full exhaust system, followed by seven years of other motor, suspension, brake and body upgrades.

The mod for my car that intrigued me the most was always the exhaust. No other part provided such a large gain in performance while also offering such stimulation to the senses. The sound of a well tuned exhaust is just as important as the build quality, fitment and performance. The frustrating thing about my old exhaust was the fact that I was constantly changing or modifying the system itself to meet my specific needs. This increased the cost of the exhaust as well as taking up a lot of my own time trying to find the right parts and the right shop for my exhaust customization.

I knew there had to be a better way to build top quality, modular exhaust systems that could be tailored to meet the exact need of the customer and the car over the lifetime of the system. This prompted me to start my own company, and with my own designs and DYNO testing, I’ve created a new line of products that fit great, sound fantastic and perform even better!

In September 2009, I made my first trip to the SCCA Solo Nationals in a super stock Z06 Corvette. At this event, I was able to validate my thoughts even more about building a top quality, modular exhaust that could deliver the type of versatility and performance required from Subaru owners that demand the most from their machines.

After competing in SCCA Solo racing, time trials and drag racing over the past seven years and wrenching on my own cars and many others along the way, I believe the exhaust systems I have to offer are the best in the industry and they offer the most custom choices of any product on the market today.

Growing up and learning from a very successful small family business, Moore Performance strives to offer the absolute best high performance and quality product and customer service available today for the auto enthusiast.